We occasionally receive the following question: How do you know the Bible isn’t just made up?

Surely, even the most ardent skeptic will have a difficult time believing that the entire Bible was just made up since many of its details are corroborated by archaeology and in other historical writings. So let’s look at three aspects of the Bible taken together to explain how we know it wasn’t simply made up.

The Bible Is Unique in Content

First, compared to other “holy books,” the Bible is unique in many respects. Not only was it composed by at least 40 writers, on multiple continents, over a span of 1,500 years, but it is not what we would expect to find were it “made up.” The Bible also includes major moral failings of its heroes, yet most writings of other religions tend to whitewash the flaws of their heroes.

Moreover, the Bible’s theme is quite unlike those found in other religions. Manmade religions teach that a man can earn salvation through various practices and good works. The Bible explains that man is sinful, deserving of God’s judgment, and that no amount of good works could ever remove our guilt. God Himself solves our problem by becoming a man and taking our punishment upon Himself. Manmade religions are about what man can do for his god, but the Bible is about what God has already done for man.

The Bible Is Confirmed by Archaeology

Second, the Bible accurately reveals historical people, events, and places. Consider the following items described in our article, “Archaeological Finds.”

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