Lots of welcome gratitude for CMI–Canada’s first ever Super Conference

If the reaction to CMI’s 2011 Super Conference from August 14–19 were to be summarized in a single word it would be, gratefulness. People expressed that they were simply grateful that CMI would organize such a conference. They were grateful for the speakers, for the information presented, for the Muskoka Bible Centre (MBC) facilities, for the food, and many other things. It was a week full of encouragement for all concerned.

Although there was some room left in the campground, the main accommodations at MBC were completely filled (something that had never happened before) well in advance of the event. However, the Conference attendance was not limited to the 1000 adults plus 300 children at MBC (near Huntsville, ON Canada), there were about 35,000 people watching the sessions live on the internet all over the world.

Here are some comments from conference attendees:

“I just wanted to let you know that I had a great time at the Supercamp last week at MBC. I’ve been a ‘Creation-junkie’ for a few years, and love reading the material and watching videos. But it was a unique experience to be a part of the audience for these speeches. They were so full of information, but more than that, they were full of Scripture. It is beautiful how they always come to the ultimate application at the conclusion of their presentation with the fullness of Jesus Christ and his redemptive work. The lectures about evangelism were very informative and helpful. They put the proper perspective on how to use the information. Science is fascinating, and it’s wonderful how it supports creation; but the important thing is application. Thank you for putting together such an informative week, arming so many people with information for evangelizing our scientific, skeptic/athiestic world. May God bless you in your efforts, and in the efforts of everyone who benefited from the information presented.

—Andrea P., Canada.

“Dear brethren,
I wish to thank you all, scientists and members of the Muskoka Bible Centre for giving us this opportunity to watch such a faith building event, which brings glory to our Lord and edifies the saints … I am watching you from Thessaloniki, Greece, the city where the Gospel was first preached with the power of the Holy Spirit, but where the humanistic spirit prevails, as in all Greece, and there are no Christian scientists to stand up and teach the faith in God’s Word. … “I have tried to inform as many Christian scientists I know about the conference but due to the time difference it is hard to attend all of the presentations … For instance, Dr Silvestru’s presentation started at 2 am and I had to wake up in the middle of the night in order to watch it.
“So, I would like to ask you if it is possible for you to broadcast again the presentations (recorded) at times that would take into consideration the different time zones, so that more people can watch them. [The sessions will all be available for viewing online here]

“Again, thank you very much for this wonderful effort. I am praying for the success of the conference and for each of the scientists who do such hard work for our sake. God bless you all.”

—Sofia A., Greece….

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