Whirlpool Galaxy M51

Here are a dozen natural phenomena which conflict with the evolutionary idea that the universe is billions of years old.  The numbers I list below in bold print (often millions of years) are maximum possible ages set by each process, not the actual ages.  The numbers in italics are the ages required by evolutionary theory for each item.  The point is that the maximum possible ages are always much less than the required evolutionary ages, while the biblical age (6,000 to 10,000 years) always fits comfortably within the maximum possible ages.  Thus the following items are evidence against the evolutionary time scale and for the biblical time scale.

Much more young-world evidence exists, but I have chosen these items for brevity and simplicity.  Some of the items on this list can be reconciled with an old universe only by making a series of improbable and unproven assumptions; others can fit in only with a young universe.  The list starts with distant astronomic phenomena and works its way down to earth, ending with everyday facts.

1.  Galaxies wind themselves up too fast

The stars of our own galaxy, the Milky Way, rotate about the galactic center with different speeds, the inner ones rotating faster than the outer ones.  The observed rotation speeds are so fast that if our galaxy were more than a few hundred million years old, it would be a featureless disc of stars instead of its present spiral shape.1

Yet our galaxy is supposed to be at least 10 billion years old.  Evolutionists call this “the winding-up dilemma,” which they have known about for fifty years.  They have devised many theories to try to explain it, each one failing after a brief period of popularity.  The same “winding-up” dilemma also applies to other galaxies.

For the last few decades the favored attempt to resolve the dilemma has been a complex theory called “density waves.”1 The theory has conceptual problems, has to be arbitrarily and very finely tuned, and lately has been called into serious question by the Hubble Space Telescope’s discovery of very detailed spiral structure in the central hub of the “Whirlpool” galaxy, M51.2

2.  Comets disintegrate too quickly….

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