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“Abortion is as American as Apple Pie” — The Culture of Death Finds a Voice

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Abortion is now America’s most common surgical procedure performed on adults. As many as one out of three women will have at least one abortion. In some American neighborhoods, the number of abortions far exceeds the number of live births.

Most Americans will pay little attention to the 38th anniversary of the infamous Roe v. Wade decision. In 1973, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that a woman has a constitutional right to arrange the killing of the unborn life within her. Since that decision was handed down, more than 50 million babies have been aborted, at a rate of over 3,000 each day.

One of the most chilling aspects of all this is the sense of normalcy in American life. Abortion statistics pile up from year to year, and each report gets filed. Moral sentiment on the issue of abortion has shifted discernibly in recent years, as ultrasound images and other technologies deliver unquestionable proof that the unborn child is just that — a child. Nevertheless, the larger picture of abortion in America is basically unchanged.

With predictable regularity, cultural authorities call for the emergence of a moderating position between the pro-life and pro-abortion positions. But efforts to achieve a stable compromise on the abortion issue are doomed to failure. The two positions hold irreconcilable views of reality. The pro-life movement holds that the central issue is the unborn child’s right to live. Abortion activists have staked their entire case on the claim that the only determinative issue is the woman’s unrestricted right to choose….

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  • buck

    I am against abortion because I consider it murder of the defensless . However , as I witness what society is turning out on a day to day basis I can’t help but feel relief on what is not being visited on us . May GOD help us all !

    • http://actionshaveconsequences Holy Terror

      Don’t worry Buck, the vistation of the Lord will be fierce and fast, and what happened on 9-11 will only be a drop in the bucket of what is to come and it will not be because of abortion. Because we have more people accepting illegitmatcy as a way of life now and people act like they don’t know the difference. Even our presidents seem to think the bastardhood is going to outnumber the called of God births, they think they are outwitting God and the more bastards are born, the more God will have to accept them as his. Don’t be mistaken, the bastards will have a chance to be redemmed, but the consequences are still there. and only those with an upright heart will be able to see the light. Because the god of the world has has darken their eyes.

  • KlemKadiddlehopper

    I hear abortion opponents use the ‘What might have been…’ argument, (as in the murdered fetus might have been the next Sister Theresa or Albert Einstein) and wonder why they are unable to fathom the inherent weakness in that defense of life.
    The murdered baby also might have been the next Adolf Hitler or Barack Obama.

    Three words are all one needs to defend the unborn.

    “Abortion is murder.”

    • TheOtherWhiteMeat

      As my ex-boss (a devout Christian used to say), “at least that little baby’s in heaven and better off without parents who didn’t want him. I’d hate to be them standing before the Lord one day”. Plus, the (prsumably) liberals are killing themselves out. God lets things happen for the good to effect.

    • http://actionshaveconsequences Holy Terror

      Hey Klem, the Bible tells us to worship the creator not the creation, I’m wondering if any of you morons know anything about the Bible and know wonder they’re all men, I wonder if you even went to the army, you know they had men killing men and women and children for the sake of leaders misleading a few good men, but they did it for the sake of their country. Now they got the nerves to put a woman down for protecting her body againnst a cancer or sore that’s only going to get bigger if it’s not aborted. Look at it that way instead of judging women. Psalm 58 describes the wicked as the unborn, because that’s what it becames when it’s born into a world that cannot provide and love it the way God wants it to be loved. Grow you selfish men and when you start having children, then you can take care of your children, but you probably have kids you don’t care about like the other dead beat dads.

  • Andy94538

    Being an Army veteran and bilingual (e.g., English, American G.I.), what I have to say about abortion would be in language I am not about to use here.

    Let us look at the numbers. Hitler murdered, in round numbers, some six million Jews, ten million if you count other “enemies of the state.” Pol Pot also engaged in mass murder, with an estimated two million (out of a Cambodian population of roughly eight million). The Soviet Union is estimated to have murdered some fifty million people in various purges over its lifetime.

    Hitler and Pot were both pikers in this endeavor. As I write this, we have murdered some fifty million preborn here within the United States. This does not count what we have exported from abortion mills with foreign subsidiaries. Until we expunge abortion from our “medical (sic)” community, we are no better than Hitler, Pot, and the Soviet Union.

    To make matters worse, while executions for capital offenses, including full due process, are now being made to look like medical procedures (e.g., lethal injection), abortion (summary execution with NO DUE PROCESS WHATSOEVER) is mechanically similar to various forms of medieval torture such as drawing and quartering (D&C abortions) and boiling in oil (Saline abortions), things that would have made Hitler, Stalin, Saddam Hussein, and medieval torturer-executioners proud.

    • TheOtherWhiteMeat

      Hear hear; have you seen that DVD “180” available on WND’s site?

      • Andy94538

        I saw it. The scary part is I knew most of this even before I saw it. I just never saw it put together quite like this. They did an excellent job.

    • JV

      Well said Andy.

    • http://actionshaveconsequences Holy Terror

      Andy you make a big deal about how many fetus have been aborted, yet you know nothing about the number that will end up hell because of the misleading and teaching against falsse teachers. The Bible says not to bother talking about endless genealogies I Tim. 1:3` which is another word for abortion to end a gene. You need to be praying for all those that’s too stupid to know what the word of God states about idolatry and how fornication lead to it. I think the world is full of illegitmate children and they all afraid that they gonna all go to hell, so they want as many to join them as they can get. Instead of praying that others have their children the right way, That’s not the way God love works, then they act like retardation is normal, and makes women feel that if that’s what God wants them to have, they will bare their cross as much as they can. Knowing dam well that every good and perfect gift is from God. and we’ll pray for the others

  • ned kelly

    As i understand my readings a woman that has an abortion increases her chance of breast cancer 30%. the u.s.a. is ready to fall and terrible will be the result.

    • http://actionshaveconsequences Holy Terror

      Ned Kelly Not so, a women chances of breast cancer increase by the number siblings she have and also the birth control some Doctors poison them by. God didn’t expect women to have sex all the time just because men want it and if they did their are other methods of birth control other then the pills that poison.

  • Tom

    God has a plan for all types of people. One of those uses is found in 2nd Peter 2:12; “But these, as natural brute beasts, made to be taken and destroyed, speak evil of the things that they understand not; and shall utterly perish in their own corruption; And shall receive the reward of unrighteousness, as they that count it pleasure to riot in the day time. Spots they are and blemishes, sporting themselves with their own deceivings while they feast with you;”

    People that do evil things through fraud, violence, lust and deceit establish the very type of social climate which inevitably encompasses their own destruction as well as that of their victims.

  • Mrs. Sharon Ashworth

    Abortion is not American as apple pie! Abortions were approved of in 1973, and since then we have aborted 54 million babies! Do you think God Almighty himself if going to approve of it? I have news for you, look at all the civilizations that sacrificed their babies and what happened to them! Study Isaiah 9:10 and what happened to some of the civilizations that disobeyed God! He said if we followed his ways and did not worship other gods, we would be blessed! Read Deuteronomy 28: the whole chapter! 14 verses mentioned blessings! and the rest of the chapter, verse 15 on to verse 68! THese were all curses! Aborting babies is not from GOD! Anyone who says that it is, is a liar!

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