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‘Time is the Hero’

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Millions and billions of years. We hear and read it so often that it just seems natural to many people now. Indeed, there are even Christians who rightly oppose biological evolution but accept the millions and billions of years of geological and cosmological evolution. They sometimes chide biblical creationists for speaking out about the age-of-the-earth issue, for allegedly ‘bringing Christianity into disrepute’.

However, it’s the billions-of-years concept that brings Christ’s own words into doubt, and therefore disrepute. This is because He taught that God created Adam and Eve “from the beginning of creation” not billions of years later (Mark 10:6),1 and affirmed that Noah’s Flood really occurred (Luke 17:26–27). Thus the age of the world is actually a key battleground area for Christians. This is easily confirmed by asking some non-Christians why they disbelieve the Bible. In the evolutionized West, the age issue is very often the #1 objection.

It’s not hard to see that, strategically, the ‘millions and billions of years’ are an indispensable part of the evolutionists’ armoury. It’s a do-or-die, line-in-the-sand issue for which they will fight tooth and nail. Because without time, evolution is ‘dead in the water’. Evolutionary biologist (and subsequent Nobel Laureate) George Wald wrote in

Scientific American in 1954 about the origin of life that, however improbable:

“ … given enough time it will almost certainly happen at least once … . Time is in fact the hero of the plot … . Given so much time, the ‘impossible’ becomes possible, the possible probable, and the probable virtually certain. One has only to wait; time itself performs the miracles.”2….

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  • Gene

    Not really – DNA and informational trasnfer from one generation to next says that evolution cannot work. Time makes no difference in this instance because the phsical laws of the universe state that one cannot go from a state of disorder to a state of order. Even with millions or billions of years we cannot evolve from a single cell organism into a complex being. This dog won’t hunt…

    • Mike S

      Amen to that. Evolution is the greatest hoax known to man (except for the claim that Obama is a natural born citizen.) The theory of evolution defies all common sense and logic and one has to be really desperate to justify his decision to be an atheist to argue for evolution. A human being with all its unfathomable complexity “evolved” by a blind, accidental, mindless, mutative process?? How stupid does one have to be to believe that? And I don’t believe the millions and billions of years nonsense either. What is totally impossible in the natural world today is impossible, no matter how many millions and billions of year one wants to claim for it.

      • Tim

        Only an intellectual clod believes we are going from sod to god!

  • Gene

    Our world is too complex and too intricately linked together to support evolution. Life can not evolve as it is impossible to get everything right the first time, unless created by a Creator who has the power and ability to get it right the first time. A species would die out before it ‘got it right’ if dependant solely upon time and chance.

    Eyes, ears, circulatory system, digestive system all are much too complex to have evolved over time.

    I see no logic involved in evolution. Time and chance are not a solution for our complex world and for our existence in just the right place in the universe to support complex and diverse life. Life that has been found nowhere else despite hundreds of years of searching by man.

  • Tim B.

    If evolution did happen they way they want us to believe, why then do we not still have non-living matter spontaneously erupting into living matter? Life-supporting conditions are better now than in the “primordial soup” era. Why is evolution constricted to a single beginning? Why aren’t new life forms just popping up all the time. Sure we discover new species of animals on a regular basis, but they’re only new to us because we’ve never seen them before. When you compare the countless instances luck involved with evolution actually occurring successfully to the universe being created by an all-knowing God, which one sounds like the real fantasy?

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