We often receive email that is critical in nature. When people write in with constructive comments and criticism, we appreciate that, because it allows us to examine where we are able to improve. But often, the criticism is personal rather than constructive.

In the first feedback for this weekend, Owen H. wrote in regarding the article Evolutionary Christianity?, and Lita Cosner responds.

Then in the second feedback below, Isaac E. from the United Kingdom writes in response to Nuclear physicist embraces biblical creation: Jonathan Sarfati chats with Dr Jim Mason, wrongly doubting high qualifications.

Owen H.:

Wow. One long ad hominem instead of responding to the actual tenets of this alternative to creationism. It’s a big world out there, and a bigger God than can be contained in your supposedly biblical theology. The views in this article—as well as the self-righteousness tone—are among the reasons I am no longer an evangelical. Christian, yes. Evangelical, no. (Though apparently this distinction is lost on you.)

Dear Owen,

Thanks for writing in. However, I think you misunderstood some fundamental things in the article.

First, I don’t understand where you see the tone as ‘self-righteous’. It would have been helpful had you pointed out a place where the language conveyed that sort of tone. Of course, even if the tone was self-righteous, I would hope that you wouldn’t let a fallible human being’s shortcomings determine your theology, but rather the teaching in Scripture. I can tell you that I wouldn’t be able to be certain of my position at all if my basis was my own mind and my own reasoning, because I know how fallible I am—rather, I am absolutely confident in the teachings of Scripture—perhaps you mistook that confidence for self-righteousness.

I agree that God is bigger than could be contained in theology—there are aspects of Him that finite human beings can never hope to understand. But theology seeks to systematize what He has revealed about Himself, and what He intends for us to understand….

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