We have received numerous questions regarding recent reports that astronomers have found the ‘missing mass’ predicted by the big bang. CMI’s Dr Jonathan Sarfati responds (a typical enquiry is given as an example). Then he responds to Matthew F. about how to handle pressure from aggressive atheopaths.

Jeb S. from the United States writes

Have evolutionist answered the missing mass problem? Also are we really seeing new stars form, and how if creation is already done?

thank you

CMI’s Dr Jonathan Sarfati responds:

Dear Mr S.

Thank you for writing. We have had a number of enquiries on this discovery (See for example Universe’s Not-So-Missing Mass, Science News).

I’ve talked about this with cosmologist Dr John Hartnett.

As we have often cautioned, what the media say and what the science actually shows are often quite different. And universities want to attract research funding, so have an incentive to blow their own trumpets.

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