This correspondent, Jeff D. from the USA, objects to our articleDarwin’s bodysnatchers: new horrors: People deliberately killed to provide ‘specimens’ for evolutionary research. But these are tired old canards that Christians do bad things themselves, and in any case, the Bible has nasty things in it. Although we have addressed these claims many times on our site already (see related articles below), we thought it was worthwhile to answer these claims, using both new and old material. Thus the letter is printed first in its entirety, then re-printed with point-by-point responses by Dr Jonathan Sarfati interspersed.

It is interesting when a Christian does something terrible, the response is “they are not real Christians”. But of course, if someone does something wrong using natural section as the basis for that decision, that simply means everyone who accepts the theory is evil and the theory itself is wrong. Perhaps they were not ‘real evolutionists”? Have some bad things been done in the name of evolution? Yes. But that does not mean the theory is wrong.

Atomic theory allowed for the creation of atomic bombs. Does that mean when one explodes that the theory is evil? If someone uses the theory to harm someone, how does that mean that the theory is actually incorrect? Or is it the people who use atomic bombs to hurt other the evil ones?

Mathematics provides the use of accounting. If someone used accounting to develop a process for deciding on rationing who gets health care, does that make mathematics evil or wrong? Or was the evil action simply the people who did the rationing?

People use many ideas in bad ways. People have used religion to justify witch burning and killing of infidels.

But here is the rub. When people use a scientific theory to harm people, that is the decision of those specific people. They are not doing it because of a belief in a higher power. When people use religion to harm people, they do so because they believe their god desires that action. And trying to convince people their religion is evil is very hard. You Christians believe it was ok for god to drown the entire world. This included one day old infants, because they were “evil” in his eyes.

When you can stand up and say that was wrong, we will take your protests a little more seriously.

And additionally, the Bible says witches and unbelievers are evil. It specifically points out that those people are evil. Show me the passage in any biology book discussing evolution that says some people are inferior and should be killed….

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