A cursory reading of the first four verses in Genesis allows us to find the first act of creation is the begetting of Light. But, this act, and all other acts in Genesis are preceded by a very important element, that of sound. This is the key to all origins research whether it is cosmology or creationism. Without this initial sound (acoustic/sonic/compression wave), nothing in science makes sense and nothing in the universe would exist. The central tenant of the theory of Acoustic Genesis (www.scienceprovescreation.com) is: sound came first, then light, then matter. This leads to three fundamental premises of the theory: 1) That all matter emits a distinct tone as evidence of creation, 2) that all matter can be manipulated by sound, and 3) that the structure of all matter can be reduced to simple vibration. Science verifies and validates all three assumptions. Once you conceptualize these axioms, then you will begin to unwind the underlying tapestry of “the all”. So let’s substantiate this hypothesis using accepted observation and publications from modern science.

          There are 4 key concepts for the first day of creation: the existence of a void, primordial ‘waters’, an acoustic wave (aka compression wave), and light. We will begin by describing the acoustics. The immediate retort may go something along the lines of: ‘sound can’t travel in a vacuum, or sound can’t travel in space, etc. This is an assumption that is without foundation with respect to ‘outer space’ and origins research. Simply stated, the universe is not an empty vacuum —it is filled with matter, and as we will see in a moment, so was the ‘void’ mentioned in Genesis. Further, going back to the first prediction of our theory to overturn a long-held assumption, all observable phenomena in the universe from black holes1 to stars2 to molecules3 to the ‘picture’ left behind from the Big Bang, the Cosmic Microwave Background4,5,6 (CMB); everything emits a distinct tone. This leads us to a previously unheard of postulate that although sound is the result of the motion of matter, wouldn’t we observe the same laws and artifacts if indeed it was also the opposite; the cause of motion and formation of matter “in the beginning?” Matter would then be the resultant of the compression and rarefaction cycles of sound through the ‘waters’ of creation.  As we will see in a moment this idea is actually testable. However, if this were not true, then what we know as sound would be completely homogeneous and without any variance or characteristics. On the contrary, due to the variance of the properties of sound, we have the variance of all characteristics of matter! According to Steven Weinberg, sound was travelling before light7 in the beginning. Without this primordial acoustic (compression) wave (from within its periodicity all other ‘waves’ exist — see figure 1), then there could be no chemical structure of matter in the universe. As Genesis states clearly, each new ‘day’ of creation required a new perturbation – a characteristic change in the acoustic wave to institute new compounds. So what are the ‘waters’ that existed at the time of creation and the Big Bang?

          Again, in your mind you might have the image of the kind of fluid that fills a lake, a container, or drinking glass, and that is a false image of what Genesis is talking about. And, in order to understand origins, the existence of this substance is essential to Big Bang theory and creationism. As far back as science can ‘see’, the ‘waters’ was an immensely bright, glowing, dense, ionized plasma wherein the speed of a pressure wave (i.e. sound) was approximately 380 million miles per hour8. A sound wave you can hear with your ear today, in the pressure and temperature of our atmosphere at sea level is only 761 miles per hour. As a matter of fact, at that moment of our origins, sound and light were trapped together as one, and scientists have reproduced similar effects in nanocrystals9 today. Prior to what scientists can ‘see’ the ‘waters’ were of a different character. There was a field of energy present, as Genesis describes, but it wasn’t the hot dense plasma that left behind the CMB yet. Even though this substance existed, Hawking is correct, prior to the moment of the Big Bang, there was no space or time. But, something was there and it is essential to everything! Genesis uses the terms void and waters of the deep interchangeably and this substance existed prior to the influence of sound and the subsequent formation of light and matter. A void is not, as one might assume, necessarily a state wherein nothing exists, but rather a point (and time) where something was not. Essentially, a moment when there was no space-time as we think of it today. To clarify, this ‘void’ in time and space as Hawking confirms Genesis and prior to what science can ‘see’, is the existence of a field of “dark matter” (a still yet undescribed, hypothesized substance); and for simplicity, the zero-point energy state. Both are described as having characteristics exactly as Genesis describes: transparent, pressure-less (prior to the formation of the plasma), dense, and fluid. Further, there is observable evidence that this newly created region of ‘space’ was a ‘bubble’ of what is presently now denser space8, 10 than whatever surrounds it, i.e. no space-time.

This is a 3-D Map of the observed universe from Sloan Digital Sky Survey. IF you notice, there are bands of highly dense space preceded and succeeded by thick bands of less dense space. This is exactly what would be predicted if a sound wave formed all matter and was continuously sustaining all matter by that wave. This is direct observable evidence of Acoustic Genesis. Credit: Max Tegmark and the SDSS Collaboration, www.sdss.org.


          Are you beginning to discern the process of creation? So far we have described the presence of a zero-point energy state as being the “waters” that exist prior to the formation of the space-time bubble of our universe (outside of which God exists in non-space-time).  A super-luminal acoustic/pressure wave11, 12 causes rapid expansion and contraction of the bubble, temperatures skyrocket, plasma energy state is formed and a background sea of light13 comes into existence. Does science verify this? Absolutely. The picture left over from this event is what science has observed as the CMB. Is this event reproducible? Is this theory testable? We will discuss this in a moment. But, to underscore the intelligence behind these events, and to demonstrate the interconnectedness of all creation that will spring forth after that day-event, science has observed the state of that substance from creation: “RHIC Scientists Serve Up “Perfect Liquid”14.

An image of the “perfect liquid” on the right and a normal gaseous state on the left. The lines on the right are there to depict the fluid-like characteristics of the particles. In a normal gaseous state the quarks and gluons spread out and collide randomly. The image on the right shows how that the quarks and gluons behave more like a fluid or liquid. This was an unexpected glimpse at the behavior of elementary particles at the beginning of creation. Credit: Brookhaven National Laboratories

Further, as a direct result of this process and subsequent to this event, the “ash” left over becomes all the substances known to man, i.e., the series of chemical elements15.

This map shows the entire visible Universe. The galaxies in the universe tend to collect into vast sheets and super clusters of galaxies connected by filaments of matter surrounded by large ‘voids’ giving the universe a clumpy appearance. Credit: Powell, Richard “The universe within 14-billion light years: the visible universe”. http://www.atlasoftheuniverse.com/copyright.html Interestingly, all matter is made of the chemical elements and each singly and corporately has its/ their own associated tone, stars16 do also, and even you17, 18. Ultimately, this demonstrates the interconnectedness of everything that exists from the largest to the smallest with that initial, single, standing wave that was instituted at creation, I.e. Uni-Verse, the one word of God from which ‘the all’ sprang forth (see Figures 1-6 below). This graphic compares two things: 1) the largest organization of matter, the whole universe, to the organization of the smallest elementary particles of matter, and 2) time. The image on the right is an example of what the ‘waters’ of creation consisted of immediately after “and God said…” The image on the left is how all matter in the universe is organized today. The similarity between the largest, the smallest, and time is exactly what the theory of Acoustic Genesis predicts if the universe was formed and sustained by a single harmonic sonic influence. This is further observational proof of the theory of Acoustic Genesis. Credit: ibid.

Unless this process is reproducible, however, then the ‘Theory of Acoustic Genesis’ is nothing more than anecdotal evidence and conjecture. So can and has this ever been reproduced?

          Sonoluminescence (SL) literally means light from sound. There are three elements for an experiment studying SL to work: a fluid medium, a bubble, and an external sonic influence that drives the compression wave. What is the result from the interaction of these three elements? Light is produced!

An image of sonoluminescence and the resulting plasma produced. Looks like a miniature star, or sun, doesn’t it? Photo courtesy of Kenneth Suslick, University of Illinois.

 Not only this, but the experiment is capable of producing temperatures as hot as the sun19, a plasma state inside the bubble20, 21, 22, and even fusion23, 24. Interestingly, the final collapse of the bubble which emits light also emits sound – exactly what is needed by cosmologists to describe the variance of the CMB—and the initial acoustic wave of Genesis being simultaneous with the creation of the sea of the light from which everything else would be subsequently made. This has led some physicists to describe SL experiments as “A Star in a Jar”25. Now that we have shown that science verifies observationally and theoretically the events of the first day of creation, as well as being reproducible (the central tenets of the scientific method), let’s recap:

  • Creation begins with the void, composed of a fluid-like medium science has deemed dark matter which we will call the universal zero-point energy state
  • The Holy Spirit moves over the void (the ‘waters’ become effervescent) forming a ‘bubble’ of space-time-energy
  • God speaks and a sonic influence creates rapid expansion (inflation) and contraction (crunch) of the bubble forming the hot, dense, plasma described by modern science
  • A background sea of light and sound is instituted into all creation from which all matter, due to these initial (x5 creation days) and subsequent perturbations is formed
  • An image of the event is observed by science called the CMB, confirming the Genesis account of origins


This is a comparison of a photograph of water as sound was passed through it on the left, and a picture of the formation of spiral galaxy M51 as photographed by NASA. Genesis states that sound created everything from the waters of the deep and today we observe the image on the right. On the left by reproducing the same event: moving sound through water, we can produce the same patterns on human scales. Credit: (left) Photograph from Water Sound Images by Alexander Lauterwasser. © 2005 MACROmedia Publishing. www.cymaticsource.com; (right) X-ray: NASA/CXC/Wesleyan Univ./R.Kilgard et al; UV: NASA/JPL-Caltech; Optical: NASA/ESA/S. Beckwith & Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA); IR: NASA/JPL-Caltech/ Univ. of AZ/R. Kennicutt.

          In conclusion, just as the Theory of Acoustic Genesis predicts: sound creates light, light creates matter26. This also has been substantiated by observation and experimentation27, 28. The scientific validity of this theory leads to one all encompassing law of creation for every element instituted, and that is the Law of Synchrony. Synchronicity with the harmony of the standing wave of the Uni Verse leads to life (increasing information integration29) while any dissonance, in any degree whatsoever, leads to dis ease and eventually death. No matter what denomination of science or religion you prescribe to (atheism is a belief system, therefore it is a religion), this one fact remains true: the greater your synchronization with the universe, the greater the information transfer. The more dissonant you are, the greater your propensities for dis ease states. Isn’t interesting that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, stated, “I go to prepare for you a new place”; I wonder why that is?




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ArXiv:cond-mat/0311486 v1.


Figure 1.

This is a depiction of a standing wave on the left and how from any prime harmonic (1st) it includes an infinite amount of other harmonics (2nd-infinity) vertically. From any octave interval composed of 12 prime harmonic notes; within each of them there exists the same infinity of other tones, as well as an infinite amount of tones between them. JND – Just Noticeable Difference.

Figure 2.

This is a simple mathematical expression to describe the interconnectedness of everything. This expression demonstrates that from any standing wave, it can be broken down into smaller waves. As well, this expression shows us that from small wave segments, a single standing wave can be constructed.

Figure 3.

This is a depiction of the Levels of Biological Organization as they relate to Harmonics and acoustics. The standing wave is that of all creation, and as you can see the shortest segment is at the atomic level. As you move upward, the wave segment becomes longer, and in its period comprises all the smaller segments below it. The box on top of the wave illustrates the growing length of the wave segment that each level comprises.


Figure 4.

This is a depiction of astronomic classifications similar to Figure 3. To validate these ideas, the earth emits its own hum and has been detected by ELFRAD. As well, moving up the organization levels, the Perseus Cluster has been observed to emit a tone that is about 57 octaves below B-flat above middle C 1.


Figure 5.

This is a depiction of the Taxonomic classifications of social science. Again, the same principle applies as in figures 1-4. Interestingly, it has been discovered that as a natural outcome of the classification itself, by no manipulation of bias, the very system of social structure that taxonomy represents, shows an underlying acoustic arrangement 29.


Figure 6.

This is a representation of the single standing wave of the Uni Verse and all it encompasses. The CMB which has been recently observed and studied within the last few years is an image of this standing wave and includes all the peaks and troughs that comprise the systems of creation from which all variation is obtained.

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