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  • For Shame, Psychologists

    A psychologist points out the flaws in his field, including useless tropes that have utterly failed for decades. Dr. Thomas Scheff is ashamed of psychology for not understanding shame. Therein lies a conundrum. In his article for the UC Santa Barbara Current, … Continue reading

  • Following Appendectomy, a Higher Incidence of Cancer Suggests an Immune-Function of Appendix

    In the past two weeks I’ve given three talks, and each time during the Q&A afterward, the same question came up from the audience: Does the appendix have a function, or as Darwinian evolutionists prefer, is the organ merely vestigial … Continue reading

  • Why Doesn’t Intelligent Design Identify the Designer?

    A friendly scientist contacted me recently with a question about intelligent design and specifically the identity of the designer. He believed that the ID movement has “adopted a policy of carefully avoiding explicit identification of the source of ID as … Continue reading

  • Two Mutations Caused Black Death

    The Black Plague of the Middle Ages happened by accident. It was enabled by two mutations to a bacterium, scientists claim. The germ that caused the “Black Death” is only a young bug, “evolutionarily speaking,” say scientists at Northwestern. Although … Continue reading

  • To Discover Irreducibly Complex Mechanisms, Biologists Reverse Engineer a Worm

    My master’s degree research focused on paleomagnetism and I’ve always been fascinated by the earth’s magnetic field. So naturally I was interested in new research by biologists at the University of Texas, Austin, published in the journal eLife, “Magnetosensitive neurons mediate … Continue reading

  • Did Dinosaurs See the Grand Canyon?

    Evolutionists and creationists agree that dinosaurs did not look over the rim of Grand Canyon – but for different reasons. To understand how a feature was made, it’s helpful to know how old it is. Unfortunately, for one of Earth’s … Continue reading

  • Brain Size Myth Won’t Die

    Evolutionists continue to push the idea that bigger brains offer better fitness, despite repeated empirical problems. “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog,” an old proverb goes. Similarly, … Continue reading

  • Fire and Brimstone: Why Earth Isn’t Like Venus

    Both planets have abundant sulfur, but Earth life has a way of cycling it for good. The recent evidence for active volcanism on Venus (Science Magazine, Science Daily) has excited planetary scientists who long suspected it. Eight years ago, spikes in … Continue reading

  • Bronze-Age DNA Confirms Babel Dispersion

    Scientists used new techniques to sequence 101 ancient human genomes believed to be from Bronze-Age populations in Europe. Their findings indicate a massive migratory influx of genetic diversity just a few thousand years ago. This data also coincides with known … Continue reading

  • Can Iron Preserve Fossil Proteins for Eons?

    News reports around the world tell of red-blood-cell-like and collagen-like structures found in 75 million year-old dinosaur bones long stored in the British Museum. This news coincides with the release of the film Jurassic World, in which fictional scientists resurrect … Continue reading

  • Hype from New Scientist Aside, Lenski’s E. coli Research Shows Evolution of Nothing New

    As we reported in April, the pro-Darwin media love to print triumphalist articles, declaring on the thinnest of evidence that the “creationists” are deathly scared of the latest discoveries in science. Now New Scientist takes a turn, claiming that the E. coli research of Richard … Continue reading

  • Bobby Jindal and Louisiana’s “Creationist” Law

    Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal announced his candidacy for President yesterday, and he faces a challenge in distinguishing himself in an already overpopulated field of Republican aspirants. Insofar as he succeeds in doing so, you can bet he’ll have the Louisiana Science Education … Continue reading

  • Geology Fail: The Problem with Proxies

    Using an observable data set as a stand-in for a theoretical model can be misleading, as several new geology papers illustrate. An ice core is pulled up from Greenland or Antarctica. Scientists measure oxygen isotopes at various levels. Do the … Continue reading

  • Coal beds and Noah’s Flood

    Dr Steven Austin1 has proposed an explanation for the formation of multiple coal beds separated by other sedimentary rocks. He originally presented this in his Ph.D. thesis at the prestigious Penn State University in 1979. Dr Austin’s explanation shows that such … Continue reading

  • Humanists say their message is being suppressed

    Londoners have been exposed to a heavy dose of humanism through a ‘thought for the commute’ poster program which appeared throughout the public transport system. Sponsored by the British Humanist Association, the ‘thought-provoking’ posters—with the heading ‘What’s it all for?’—included … Continue reading

  • Moths Defy the Possible

    How do you make choices in a data-poor environment? Imagine being in a dark room in total silence. Every few seconds, a tiny flash of light appears. You might keep your eyes open as long as possible to avoid missing … Continue reading

  • Science Supports Biblical View of Fathers, Mothers, Kids

    Despite the materialist mindset of our scientific culture, evidence continues to support human exceptionalism and Biblical morality. Father’s parenting is unique and valuable,  according to this article on Live Science about research done at Washington State. The differences in parenting styles between … Continue reading

  • Science Should Be Politically Neutral

    Why do all the mainstream science journals and reporters give a leftist slant? That’s not very scientific. Science is supposed to be about “is” not “ought”. Individual scientists are free to have political opinions, but it is misleading and even … Continue reading

  • The remarkable language of DNA

    According to leading atheist Professor Richard Dawkins, the most compelling evidence for evolution is found in DNA. In his book, The Greatest Show on Earth, he states that the DNA code (that is, the DNA language) is the same in all … Continue reading

  • Astronomers Lie about Star Formation

    A look at the evidence behind the latest claim of the universe’s earliest stars shows nothing of the sort. And that’s not the biggest whopper. “Astronomers claim first glimpse of primordial stars,” Nature News announces. Daniel Clery at Science Mag is even more brazen: “Astronomers … Continue reading

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