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  • Chimps Are Still Chimps, Not Persons

    Good news on the human exceptionalism front: A New York trial judge has rejected the specious argument that chimpanzees are “persons” and should have human-type rights. But that shouldn’t make us sanguine since the judge expressed undue sympathy for the … Continue reading

  • Debunking Freud

    I’m not going to directly refute each Freudian claim you mention, because I think a few examples should suffice. But note that you haven’t mentioned any supporting reasons to believe those claims either. The one making a claim needs to … Continue reading

  • From the Perspective of Intelligent Design, Killing Cecil the Lion Was an Act of Egregious Vandalism

    Wesley Smith has already explained, with his customary sage wisdom, why killing Cecil was very bad stuff, and not to be dismissed by comparisons, however on point, to the gruesome revelations issuing concurrently through candid videos of Planned Parenthood personnel. Wesley will … Continue reading

  • Free to believe On the Scriptures, biblical creation and State censorship

    The following convictions, concluding statements of a Congress that met in August 2014, make interesting reading: The right to freedom of thought and belief is one and the same right for all. Freedom of thought implies the right to develop, … Continue reading

  • 5 Reasons the Church Should Embrace Science

    The Sunday before I started my Ph.D. program, I went up for prayer after church. I was nervous about this big step and wanted the comfort of having someone stand with me in prayer and bring my first-day jitters before … Continue reading

  • How the Sockeye Salmon Smells Its Way Home

    Revealed in the upcoming Illustra documentary Living Waters: Intelligent Design in the Oceans of the Earth, one of the wonders of the hidden world of the seas is the way salmon smell their way home from the ocean to the stream … Continue reading

  • Ski Pluto: Glaciers Are Flowing

    Planetary scientists are dumbfounded by more evidence of youth at Pluto, both on the surface and in the atmosphere. Last Friday’s news conference contained more detailed images of Pluto. Alan Stern first shared a global portrait with twice the resolution … Continue reading

  • Genetics Expert Confirms the Reality of Adam and Eve

    Modern-day DNA research is confirming the biblical account of Adam and Eve, according to one genetics expert. Answers in Genesis’ Georgia Purdom has recently released a documentary explaining her findings and the scientific support for the records presented in Genesis. “One of … Continue reading

  • Secular Anthropology Fails Consistently

    By assuming long ages and by underestimating human creativity and mobility, evolutionary anthropologists keep getting surprised by evidence. A number of recent articles about human history and anthropology illustrate the perennial motto of evolutionary anthropology: “everything you know is wrong.” … Continue reading

  • Planned Parenthood selling baby parts

    Planned Parenthood has received negative press recently after some of its representatives were filmed negotiating prices for the sale of organs from aborted babies. Many have expressed outrage, and rightly so, because it is an abomination. Not only does Moloch … Continue reading

  • Four-Footed Snake?

    The fossil “transitional form” is not what reporters are making it out to be. It’s 8 inches long, and it was in a German museum on display as an “unknown fossil” when David Martill (U of Portsmouth) noticed it with … Continue reading

  • Gender Confusion Is Not Biological

    Even biologists are confused about gender confusion. One thing they know from science: it is not biological. A study at the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles resulted in a politically-incorrect conclusion: transgender identity is not due to hormone imbalance. “We’ve … Continue reading

  • More than In God’s Image

    I feel the continual need to defend the value of human life simply and merely because it is human. Why? Among other reasons, human exceptionalism is the necessary predicate to universal human rights and equality. If we don’t have objective … Continue reading

  • Birds on the Ark How many clean and unclean birds were on Noah’s Ark?

    Carol E. from Canada asks about the number of ravens and unclean birds on the Ark, based on a recent Creation magazine article about parrots. These are important questions that have divided respectable commentators. Dr Jonathan Sarfati answers this question based on the research … Continue reading

  • Cell Vesicles Wear Sophisticated Coats

    Envision a day when self-driving cars make driving obsolete. Now, imagine a far-future day when you don’t even have to get in the car. Instead, as you walk out the front door, a car assembles around you, lifts off the … Continue reading

  • Scientists Describe Job’s ‘Springs of the Sea’

    Modern machines provide our generation with knowledge entirely unknown in yesteryear. Which of our great grandparents saw footage of water rising through hydrothermal vents on the deep sea floor? New research into water circulating from the ocean, into seafloor crustal … Continue reading

  • The amazing sea horse

    The Creator offers few sights more incredible, and yet more delicately beautiful, than a living sea horse. It swims erect and slowly, with its tail twisting forward to perhaps grip a seaweed frond, while its alert eyes search for food … Continue reading

  • Special Birds with Specialized Abilities

    Illustra’s film Flight: The Genius of Birds showed some amazing specialties in a few bird species: the hummingbird with its nectar-trap tongue, starlings in formation flight, and Arctic terns in long-distance migration. It would take many hours of similar movies, and a … Continue reading

  • Fallacy: creationists can’t be scientists!

    How many times have we heard this refrain, “Creationists can’t be scientists”? When I taught freshman English as an adjunct faculty member at Asbury College in Wilmore, Kentucky, among our objectives was the development of the students’ analytical skills. To … Continue reading

  • Bacteria Metabolisms Are Like Computer Circuit Boards

    Bacteria sometimes face a rough life. At about a tenth the size of most plant and animal cells, they have no layer of skin to protect them. Environments can change quickly and if microbes don’t have the right tools to … Continue reading

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