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  • More on the Advantage Physicians, Engineers Enjoy Compared to Evolutionary Biologists

    Thoughtful reader Dean in Ohio comments on Howard Glicksman’s article this morning introducing our new series, “The Designed Body.” ENV noted there: “Engineers and physicians have a special place in the community of thinkers and scholars who have elaborated the … Continue reading

  • Dr Carl Wieland retires after four decades

    For the informed creationist it’s hard to imagine anyone who will leave a greater legacy on biblical (‘young-earth’) creation in recent times than Dr Carl Wieland (b. 1950). He will retire from full-time creation ministry on 6 March 2015. While it had been the historic … Continue reading

  • Has Cosmic Inflation Been Discovered?

    Claims of a major breakthrough about the big bang are swirling in the news: is it inflation, or inflating the evidence? In “Stop the presses!” style, the science news are simultaneously announcing that gravitational waves have been discovered that reveal … Continue reading

  • Body Wonders You Didn’t Know About

    Here’s a collection of new findings about the body that should make us all stand in awe of what our Creator has provided. Phenomenal smell sense:  The human nose can detect a trillion odors, Nature says, – and the actual number might … Continue reading

  • Explaining robust humans

    This paper attempts to explain the ‘robusticity’ of the fossil remains of ‘robust’ humans. A connection with long lifespans is suggested. Changes in development, linked to longevity, most likely involving thyroid hormone secretion patterns, are proposed as the primary mechanism … Continue reading

  • What the Assisted Suicide Debate Has to Do with Evolution

    It’s not possible to remind yourself too often how evolutionary thinking ramifies through the culture. Assisted suicide, for example, the subject of a proposed new law before the California State Legislature, as Wesley Smith wrote here. Senate Bill 128 would bring … Continue reading

  • Stunning Fossils Featured

    A magazine has displayed some of the most amazing fossils of animals that were suddenly captured in unusual situations. New Scientist has posted a series of “Stunning Fossils”. Here are the magazine’s captions for the seven most stunning fossils, with links … Continue reading

  • An eternal big bang universe

    As a high school student, at a time when I was an atheist, I co-authored a book reviewing the various cosmological models that were discussed in the scientific literature in 1968. That was three years after the discovery of the … Continue reading

  • Nevertheless, it moves! : Copernicus, Galileo, and the theory of evolution

    The statement is sometimes made, not only by skeptics, but also occasionally by well-meaning Christians, that, because the Church wrongly opposed the scientific theories of Copernicus and Galileo in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, therefore Christians should not oppose the … Continue reading

  • Ask an Embryologist : Genomic Mosaicism

    A reader writes to ask: In a recent ENV post, Casey Luskin observed that humans have a “few thousand” different cell types. Here is my simple question: Does the DNA sequence in one cell type differ from the sequence in another cell type … Continue reading

  • Darwin’s Finches Get Their Genomes Sequenced

    Researchers have sequenced the genomes of all 15 species of Darwin’s finches, revealing a key gene responsible for the diversity in the birds’ beaks. The study, published online in Nature this week, also redraws the family tree of these iconic birds, whose … Continue reading

  • Were stars created in creation week?

    Kenneth M. from New Zealand criticizes one of our classic articles, Morning has broken but when?, which refutes modified soft gap theories that make stars much older than the earth rather than Day 4 creations as God’s Word teaches. In particular, … Continue reading

  • Defending young earth is not biblical?

    A New Zealand correspondent who supports our ministry has expressed doubts about whether the Bible teaches a young earth and Dr Carl Wieland responds. I am an evangelist … and really endorse your ministry. You give me the tools I need to counter … Continue reading

  • The Universe Next Door: Scientism in the Age of Obama, pt. 3

    On this episode of ID the Future, Dr. John West, author of the newly updated book Darwin Day in America, continues his conversation with Tom Woodward about the threat of “totalitarian” science. Listen inn as Dr. West gives current examples of the … Continue reading

  • Geology documents dinosaurs fleeing Noah’s Flood

    In February 2015, geologists Tracy Thomson and Mary Droser, in an article published online by the journal Geology, released graphic evidence for the reality of Noah’s Flood.1 Swimming animals left tracks underwater The Geological Society of America press release shows a … Continue reading

  • The reinforcement syndrome ubiquitous in the earth sciences

    Many people are intimidated by the certainties claimed for the ages of the rocks, fossils, and events of the past, and the precision claimed for these details. The edifice of the geological column and timescale (figure 1) can seem so … Continue reading

  • Lost Civilizations : Human History Hidden in Plain Sight

    New imaging techniques have revealed extensive ancient human settlements in two very different remote environments. Sahara civilization: By scanning satellite images, David Mattingly from the University of Leicester found that habitation of the Sahara from 1000 BC to 700 AD was much more widespread … Continue reading

  • Crinoid Pigment : 240 Million Years and No Evolution

    Pigments from crinoids fossilized in early Mesozoic strata are identical to modern counterparts. In 2013 there were reports of fossilized crinoids from Paleozoic strata (Mississippian, 350 million years) with preserved pigments produced by the organisms (see 2/22/13). That finding was since … Continue reading

  • Out of Babel — Not Africa

    Newly published research combining genetic, language, and demographic data challenges the idea of a single lineage of languages and human populations evolving out of Africa.1 Instead, the data supports the idea that multiple people groups have independent origins—a condition one would … Continue reading

  • Honey Bee Orphan Genes Sting Evolution

    A key type of rogue genetic data called orphan genes has just been spectacularly reported in honey bees.1 Orphan genes conflict with ideas about genome evolution, and they are directly linked with the evolutionary enigma of phenotypic novelty, unique traits specific to a single type … Continue reading

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